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ShopSkirtWe’ll be adding new products over time, for now purchase your favorite Appliqué Skirts right here.
Appliqué skirts are created using various shades of your chosen color, all derived from quality, upcycled t-shirts. The panels are different sizes to add interest and diversity.

Appliqués are hand drawn, each is completely unique.

Skirts have contrasting appliqués, and include a convenient pocket.

There is no real “front” or “back”of this skirt, simply place the pocket where you like.
The a-line cut, elastic waist and upcycled knit fabric create an ultra comfortable skirt that will be your best friend all year long.

EACH SKIRT IS MADE TO ORDER AND UNIQUE. The colors and appliqué may be slightly different from the actual skirt pictured, but we will try to come as close as possible to the original piece.

Due to the elastic waist band and jersey knit material, there is a lot of stretch and forgiveness in each size. See the Sardine Skirt Sizing Chart (PDF) before ordering. When ordering, if you prefer to send your waist measurements, add it to the Order Notes box at Checkout. If you have questions about what size contact us.


Appliqué Skirts

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