slide3Sardine Clothing Company started in 2008 with one woman and a sewing machine making kids clothing from thrift store finds. After a few years, it is still one woman (and friends!) and A LOT of sewing machines making fun “everyday favorite” skirts and accessories from even more thrift store finds.

I am Maryanne Petrus Gilbert, and I am a little fishy. I believe in reusing anything you can and my little part is repurposing the lowly t-shirt. We all love them, we all have a drawer full of them, and every now and then we take a bag full to the local thrift store.  I happen to love them, I love shuffling through the racks at my Salvation Army to look at them, I love to bring them home, cut them up and make a great skirt that you will love even more than the original T shirt you donated. With any luck, you will find it again in my booth at a show, or on Etsy, or in our store or a local retail carrier , or right here on sardineclothing.com, and you can have a moment or another few years together. ENJOY!

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Why Sardine?

This is the most asked question. There are a few reasons that I choose this little fish to be a big presence in my life.

When my daughter was born and my late husband tried to dress her, he referred to it as “trying to stuff a sardine in a can”. Soon after this, I began sewing her clothing. He asked that I put a tag so he could tell front from back, Naturally, I had to make a tag that said Sardine. When it came time to name my business, I wanted to remember those first little things I made, the first Sardines.

The little act of recycling the lowly T-Shirt or an accidentally felted sweater. or a perfectly good pair of pants makes a HUGE difference in the quantity of clothing that heads to landfills. I believe in doing little things everyday to change things. Be it recycling, composting, turning off lights or taking the stairs, it all adds up. One little Sardine is not much. A school of sardines can create a cloud in the water you can see from an airplane.

I Love Fish.